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Glass Epoxy Components

Our enterprise specializes in crafting a diverse array of premium Glass Epoxy Components, tailored for a wide range of electrical and mechanical applications. This includes producing high-quality Glass Epoxy Slot Wedges and Glass Epoxy Spacers.


Applications: Electronics and Electrical Components:

Glass Epoxy Components for Circuit boards

Glass Epoxy Spacers as Insulators and spacers

Electrical housing and panels


Mechanical and Structural Applications:

Parts for aerospace and vehicles

Components for machines like Glass Epoxy Slot Wedges


High-Temperature Environments:

Parts that withstand oven heat such as Glass Epoxy Components

Glass Epoxy Spacers for insulation in industrial use


Key Features: Electrical Insulation:

Strong insulation abilities, ideal for Glass Epoxy Slot Wedges

Low water uptake for reliable use

Ideal for electrical device insulation


Mechanical Strength:

Durable with high stretching and bending strength

Resists impacts, lasts longer

Fits for tough parts and panels


Thermal Stability:

Resists heat well across temperatures, ideal for Glass Epoxy Components

Good for heat-prone areas

Little size change with temperature shifts


Chemical Resistance:

Handles many chemicals without damage

Good for harsh chemical exposure


Dimensional Stability:

Stays the same size under temperature changes

Consistent in precise roles


Type of Epoxy Sheets we use to make the components:

G11 Glass Epoxy Components

FR4 Glass Epoxy Slot Wedges

Epoxy Fiberglass Sheets



Resists corrosion

Solid and compact

Durable against shocks and wear

Not heavy

Straightforward assembly

Low-cost upkeep

Poor conductor of electricity

Stands up to damage and breakage

When it comes to unparalleled durability and exceptional electrical insulation in transformer components, Hason Industries stands out as the premier Glass Epoxy Components manufacturer. Our products, including Glass Epoxy Slot Wedges and Glass Epoxy Spacers, are meticulously crafted to resist temperature variations, ensuring consistent performance and unwavering reliability. Rely on Hason Industries, the expert Glass Epoxy Components manufacturer, to deliver components that are the epitome of stability and quality for your most critical applications. Visit our website today to discover the difference precision engineering can make.

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